The Luxury of Time

If you were given the luxury of time, what would you do? Discover what Dr Rufaro Nyamuda did with her three month Touareg Sabbatical.

Campaign objective

The Touareg is the most luxurious Volkswagen yet, but how do we get it to stand out amongst the more established luxury brands with a fraction of their budget? We tapped into the one thing that this audience has sacrificed a lot of, and values more than anything in the world – Time. We asked South Africans what they would do if they were given the luxury of time. Then awarded one person with a 3-month sabbatical, kick-starter fund, the new Touareg, and Volkswagen’s resources to bring this world-changing idea to life. Thousands answered. One stood out. Dr Rufaro Nyamuda. We partnered with VW and their agency Ogilvy and followed Dr Nyamuda’s journey across the country as she put her app to the test, building and evolving it with every kilometre. We created a microsite dedicated to time and shared Rufaro’s journey through episodes, as well as articles and interviews with some of South Africa’s leading business minds.