KZN Has It All

The beauty of KZN was and all its hidden gems were uncovered in this campaign that brought imagination back to one of South Africa’s busiest tourism regions.

Campaign objective

Welcome to KwaZulu-Natal, a spectacular multi-cultural destination flanked by warm Indian Ocean and soaring peaks! This campaign was all about driving tourism and local visitors to explore KZN. Content was hosted in a dedicated content hub featuring 8 bespoke, inspiring travel stories. Each content piece took a journalistic storytelling approach but created true commercial impact. We identified key areas of storytelling potential and brought the campaign to life through beautiful and insightful content and video execution, in order create engagement and inspire travel. By focusing in on the local stories of the 8 targeted regions Tourism KZN wished to highlight, and the unique offerings of the areas, the video and content series gave a creative perspective on KZN as a travel destination and inspired readers and travellers across the country. Earning an outstanding 4min 17 time on page – a full 2min 17 above the benchmark.